Jessica Simpson Shares New Photos Of Baby Maxi And She Is Gorgeous! (Photos)

Jessica Simpson

OMG. I am dying here. She’s got Michelin Man arms!

Jessica Simpson has shared new photos of her going-to-be-extremely-gorgeous-one-day 4-month-old daughter Maxwell Drew and oh my is she stunning! But then again with a beautiful mama like Jess, it’s not like we would expect anything less, right?

The newborn baby girl helped celebrate her father Eric Johnson’s 33rd birthday and looking at the pics, it seems like everyone had a great time. Good looking genes so runs in this family, right?

Take a look at our photo gallery below and let us know what you think. We’ve also added a few more of Maxi that mom Jessica tweeted earlier this summer.

  • Like Mama, Like Daughter 1 of 5
    Like Mama, Like Daughter
    Seriously, have you ever seen a more perfect, gorgeous looking mother and daughter duo? Photo via Twitter
  • With Daddy 2 of 5
    With Daddy
    Here's Maxi celebrating her daddy's 33rd birthday. Photo via Twitter
  • Chillin’ 3 of 5
    Talk about the good life! Here's a pic Jessica tweeted earlier this summer of Maxi just chillin' and relaxin'. Photo via Twitter
  • Cutie 4 of 5
    This little girl is going to grow up to be one beautiful young lady. Photo via Twitter
  • Happy Family 5 of 5
    Happy Family
    Good genes run in this family. Photo via Twitter

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