Jessica Simpson Shows Off Amazing Weight Loss Amid Pregnancy Rumors


This does make one wonder about the whole “Jessica Simpson is pregnant again” rumor.

The new mom recently filmed an ad for Weight Watchers. The ads were reportedly shot just a couple weeks ago. And you know what, not only did Jessica look fabulous but she did not look pregnant.

The new mom says she lost a stunning fifty pounds while following the Weight Watchers regime.
“I think anybody who’s gone through a pregnancy, after they have the baby, it’s like, ‘I need to do something about this!’ ” she told People back in May. “For me, I really want to do something that is a lifestyle, because in the past I’ve been known to yo-yo diet.”

And the Weight Watchers plan has really worked for her!

Check out this new ad (which will begin airing on December 25th) right here:


Photos: Via Weight Watchers