Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Pregnancy Glow in Hawaii (Photos)

Jessica Simpson and Her Pregnancy Glow

Do you notice something different about Jessica Simpson in this new photo she tweeted on Thursday from her vacation in Hawaii? It’s not that she is without makeup, it’s not that she is showing off her ample bosom, it’s not her carefree smile…it’s that unavoidable pregnancy glow!

Jessica Simpson, while on her family trip to Hawaii for the holidays, finally spilled the beans that she is indeed pregnant with her second child. She did so by tweeting an adorable photo of her daughter Maxwell sitting in front of the words “Big Sis” written in the sand. Jessica followed that up with an adorable photo of her and her hubby on the beach.

And now she showed off lovely sun-kissed pregnancy glow. Check out her whole “I’m knocked up in Hawaii” style below:

Photo Source: Twitter