Jessica Simpson Spotted With Huge Baby Bump in NYC (Photos)

jessica simpson
Pregnant Jessica Simpson in NYC.

Ever since Jessica Simpson finally confirmed her pregnancy on Halloween, she’s been more than happy to show off her growing baby bump from coast-to-coast!

Jess’s latest travels have taken her to New York City this week, where she ultimately bundled herself up for cold weather even though it’s unseasonably warm in the northeast right now.

I remember being hot all the time when I was pregnant, so I’m guessing that Jessica broke a bit of a sweat strolling around the city today.

Jessica is definitely getting bigger, and from the looks of these new photos, it appears as if she’s entered her final trimester for sure. She looks about ready to pop!


  • Bundled Up! 1 of 5
    Bundled Up!
    It was warm in the northeast today, but Jessica was dressed for cold temperatures!
  • Growing Belly 2 of 5
    Growing Belly
    Jess's bump is getting pretty big.
  • Ready to Pop? 3 of 5
    Ready to Pop?
    Jessica doesn't look like she has too much longer to go in her pregnancy.
  • Still Stylish 4 of 5
    Still Stylish
    Jessica hasn't let being pregnant alter her sense of style.
  • Boy or Girl? 5 of 5
    Boy or Girl?
    Do you think Jessica will have a baby boy or girl?