Jessica Simpson Thinks She's Having a Girl. But Eric Thinks It'll Be a Boy

Jessica Simpson Thinks She Is Having a Girl!

Jessica Simpson says she doesn’t have confirmation what she is having yet, and I’m sure she’ll be happy with a boy OR a girl. But she thinks she knows what she is carrying and seems to have a preference!

On Thursday night  in New York City the mom-to-be told People, “I think it’s a girl. But I don’t know yet.” But this is where her fiance Eric Johnson has a different opinion. The dad-to-be said…“I think it’s a boy. We’re pretty much at a standstill here.” Uh oh. Who is gonna win this one? Time will tell, but they’ll know soon enough, especially since they have decided to find out the baby’s sex before the baby is born. “I don’t think we can wait. Jessica is too honest about everything, she needs to know,” Eric told People.

But if it’s their baby isn’t a girl, Jessica has a plan. “If it’s a boy, I’ll put him in tutus!”

What do you think? Do you think they’ll be having a girl or a boy?