Jessica Simpson to Sign with Weight Watchers To Lose Those Post Baby Pounds?

Will Jessica Simpson Sign with Weight Watchers?

Jessica Simpson reportedly didn’t have much luck selling her “I’m Pregnant!” story to the magazines, but she’s making up for it with a big pay day post baby. Apparently Jessica Simpson is in talks to partner with Weight Watchers to lose all those post baby pounds.

According to UsWeekly, she was apparently was going to sign with them pre-baby due to her weight gain over the the years, “but then she got pregnant,” said the source. “So this was the perfect compromise.”

So how much will Weight Watchers pay her to lose the baby weight?

UsWeekly reported that she may be paid $4 million dollars!  She’ll need to “lose a significant amount of weight,” over a year period.  Will she have the same amazing results that Jennifer Hudson had post baby?

We’ll see!

Photos: Twitter


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