Jessica Simpson Tries to Cut in Line - Pregnancy Privilege, or Going Too Far?

Acting tacky over tacos?

When you’re in the last weeks of pregnancy, you feel less like a blissful angelic mom-to-be and more like a bloated, achy elephant.

You can hardly be blamed for wanting a seat on the bus or hoping some kind person will offer you a hand with your bags. But how far can you go without coming off like a spoiled, needy make-way-for-the-most-important-preggy-lady-in-the-world Momzilla?

Jessica Simpson found out the hard way the other day. Star magazine reports that Jess – who’s approximately in her 12th month – was spotted at the popular Santa Barbara eatery La Super-Rica Taqueria. She’s made no secret of her cravings – mac ‘n’ cheese for breakfast, salt on her melon slices – so the aroma of the grill must have been like a siren song.

But then she made a dreadful faux pas.The source tells the magazine that Jess “tried to walk straight to the front in the hope that someone would take pity on her pregnant self.”

Nothing doing. The hungry patrons had no sympathy for her condition and hollered at her until she was finally taken to her proper place at the back of the line. And after all that, she didn’t even stay for her burrito. Either out of embarrassment or starvation, Jessica left the scene and ate at the nearest Taco Bell instead.

What do you think? Who was the rude one here – the ravenous mom-to-be or the lunch crowd who wouldn’t let her jump the line to give her little one a salsa-covered nosh?

[Photo: via Pacific Coast News]