Jessica Simpson's New Man Eric Johnson is Married


Here we are, wondering if Jessica Simpson and her new beau, ex San Francisco 49ers tight end Eric Johnson, will be married and have babys–what all of America knows is pretty much Simpson’s dream at the moment–and it turns out Johnson is still legally married.

The pair began dating five weeks ago, when they met at a party Simpson was hosting in Beverly Hills. Johnson is Simpson’s second NFL boyfriend, after Tony Romo, who very publicly ended the relationship last July. But, it looks like Johnson is still legally tied to his wife of five years, Keri. He filed for divorce in January, but the ties have not been officially cut, which leaves us wondering: Should Simpson really be dabbling with this guy?

From the looks of it, she’s already getting serious about him, going on a crash vegan diet to supposedly fit with his New Age-style life, meeting his parents, and traveling together.

If Simpson is really looking for a husband and the father of her children, should she be taking risks getting so serious so fast with someone who is still technically married? And even if he wasn’t, perhaps she should slow things down to really find the right man and start a family.

What do you think?


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