Jessica Simpsons Pregnancy Cravings: What About Her Food Allergies?

Jessica is expecting her first child in the spring.

Gossip mag In Touch Weekly reported this afternoon that chart topper and fashionista Jessica Simpson is indeed pregnant with her first child with fiancé and NFL star Eric Johnson.

The mag reported that Jessica is already having “kooky cravings” which can mean that she could be eating pickles with ketchup or spicy mustard with her tacos and everything in between!

Unfortunately though for Jessica, she’s going to have to stop herself short from having a mouth-watering chocolate brownie avalanche for breakfast, as the singer has quite a few allergies that she suffers from.

In 2007 Jessica told Elle magazine that she visited an allergist when she wasn’t feeling quite right who delivered the news that she’s allergic to pretty much anything that you would find on a Texan’s dinner menu.

Jessica revealed that she is allergic to cheese, wheat, tomatoes, hot peppers, coffee, corn, and chocolate, meaning no pizza, bread, or Godiva cravings for this megastar!

Let’s just hope that despite these cutbacks, it will be smooth sailing for Jessica and her first pregnancy.  Congrats to her and Eric!  We can’t wait to see her rock some seriously cute maternity clothes.