Jessica Simpson's Singing Stirs Baby Movement - Or Was That Gas?


jessica simpson, jessica simpson farting
Jessica Simpson jokes about farting and her days as a singer.

Jessica Simpson may be a fashion icon, but during yesteryear, the pregnant star was once a pop music commodity!

Jessica certainly has a voice and while she may have hit her musical prime in 2003 with In This Skin, an old video of her singing elicited crazy movement from her baby-to-be! Let’s just say that Simpson’s unborn baby probably has moves like Jagger (Mick Jagger)!

Simpson tweeted, “A friend just sent me a video of me singing back in the day and the lil munchkin started moving like crazy! Let’s hope it wasn’t just gas!”

Hearing this definitely makes me miss the good ole’ days when Jessica was at the top of the charts.

Do you think that she can ever regain her musical popularity? Or should she stick to what she knows: fashion?

[Photo via Twitter.]