Jet Blue Flight Attendant Steve Slater: Example For Our Kids?


Many are heralding Jet Blue Flight Attendant Steve Slater as a modern day hero. A symbol of the ‘working man’. A man who was fed up and just wasn’t gonna take it anymore. While some are saying “way to go Steve!” what kind of message is admiration of this “folk hero” sending to our kids? I say, not a good one. Why?

Although he did stand up for himself, which is admirable when faced with someone who was apparently being quite rude, Slater could have handled the situation much better. Sure, it is an amusing moment, with Slater grabbing a brewski and going down the emergency slide. But with being caught up in the “fun” of the story many aren’t being mindful of what kind of an effect “honoring” this modern day hero could have on the kids.

Is it sending the message that quitting in such a style is a-okay? What happened to the two weeks notice? What happened to the good old-fashioned resignation letter?

And the profanity! I, for one, try to shield my child from swearing. How about the young ears on board the plane? Hearing the flight attendant, over the load speaker no less, cursing not unlike a sailor is something no parent traveling with young children would enjoy.

And how about the kids respect for the flight attendants? These are the people who we rely on to keep us safe, the people we tell our children to listen to and to follow their instructions. If these same people are behaving like Steve Slater, doesn’t that go against the authority and trust we put into them? If Slater worked in a restuarant kitchen, in a café, or at his neighborhood Barnes & Noble, his behavior would not be as shocking or as news worthy.  And with so many harboring fear of flying, especially kids, knowing that the person who is there to aid you could just quit and slide off the plane at a moments notice is a bit off putting to say the least.

Do you think this is sending a bad message to the kids?

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