Jetsetter: I Go For Comfort - Victoria Beckham Goes For Style


SPL154950_001What do you wear when you are going to take a long flight? Me, I go for the most comfortable clothing I get away with, just short of donning my pajamas for the trip. But Victoria Beckham? She uses her frequent trips to the airport as her one-woman runway. What did she wear on her most recent flight?

victoria beckham 2 020210A super short mini-dress, sexy patterned stockings and a pair of very high stilettos. Oh and of course she had one of her the Birkin Bags from her legendary Hermes collection with her. On eBay right now there is a one of the crocodile Hermes for sale for just $57,999.88. Yes, that added eighty eight cents is important!

What do you wear when you fly?

victoria beckham 2 020210


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