Jewel and Ty Murray Join the Nanny Free Celebrity Club

Jewel Joins the Nanny Free Club

When you envision the celebrity mom lifestyle it is usually full of glamourous carefree days with a flock of nannies to help care for little junior.  That’s why we find it so refreshing to see celebrity moms like Jennifer Garner out and about with her kids doing the daily routine without the help of a nanny. 

The newest addition to the celebrity nanny free club is singer / songwriter Jewel and her husband Ty Murray who welcomed their son Kase Townes Murray on July 11th.  Earlier today Jewel was answering questions from her Twitter followers when she admitted that they are rolling up their sleeves and going it alone writing, “No nanny-jst me and & Ty- he is such a helpful dad!”

While we do expect the couple to rely on some helping hands (especially when she returns to work) it is certainly nice to hear that they have enterred into parenthood ready to get their hands dirty and get those diapers changed all by themselves!

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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