Jewel Bump Watch: She Loves Maternity Fashion!

jewel pregnant
Mom-to-be Jewel glows!

Having a baby bump gives you permission to try styles that you wouldn’t otherwise wear.  You’ll only wear the clothes for a few months.  People ooh and aah over your bump, so you can wear styles that emphasize it.

Jewel, who is expecting her first baby this summer, has embraced maternity fashion.

“I have had more fun dressing up while I’m preggers than I did when I was skinny! #ItsForMe #FashionPlateInTheBoonies” Jewel tweeted.

The expectant mama added that she used to just wear sweats and workout gear at home, but now she is “#workinthebump.”

Yes, she is! She looks darling in the pic that she tweeted while shopping for maternity and nursing clothes.  Love the dress Jewel is holding? You can find it at Larrivo.

Photo: Twitter