Jewel Declares Pregnancy A Privilege

jewel, jewel pregnant
Jewel is expecting her first child any day now.

Singer-songwriter Jewel is expecting her baby boy with husband Ty Murray any day now and she couldn’t be any happier.

“I’m feeling really great and enjoying pregnancy much more than I thought I would,” the musician, 37, tells Fit Pregnancy in their latest issue.

“I didn’t know what to expect, every woman is different and you hear such horror stories. But I also heard that you should try to enjoy it, so I took that to heart and tried not to fret about weight gain or anything else.”

And, she adds, despite its drawbacks, “Pregnancy is a privilege, and I feel lucky that I get to do it. It’s kind of sad that men don’t.”

And don’t expect Jewel to worry too much about losing the baby weight quickly.

“As far as losing the weight, I’m hoping that breastfeeding does the job, but I won’t be neurotic about it, about working out right away,” she says. “I am capable of that but I’m going to cut myself lots of slack. I want to give myself time to rest and heal and tend to my new baby for a month or so, and then I will definitely get back into a workout routine.”

What were your tricks to losing the baby weight?

[Photo via Pacific Coast News.]