Jewel Plans To Breastfeed; Says "But It's Every Woman's Choice"


jewel and husban ty murrayYou probably know 36 year-old Jewel for her beautiful voice and the incredible lyrics that she writes. But she is adding another title to her resume: new mom.

Jewel and husband, Ty Murray, a World Champion bull-riding superstar, are expecting their first child in July. The couple know that they are having a little boy. “I’m due in early July. I’ve been feeling really good. I’ve had an easy pregnancy.”

During a recent interview with celebritybabyscoop, Jewel also talks about her decision to breastfeed her son:

“I plan to breastfeed, but it’s every woman’s choice. I feel that people can get up in arms about it and it’s funny what a hot-button topic it is. I don’t think people should judge each other. Each woman does what she feels she can do. I was farm-raised so I think it’s important, but that’s just me and I don’t mind if other people don’t.”

Jewel also says that they haven’t settled on a name for their son yet, but that “we’ll figure it out”.

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