Jewel Takes Control Of Her 5-Week-Old Son's Future

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Jewel is already directing her 5-week-old son's future.

Five weeks ago, singer/songwriter Jewel and her nine-time world champion pro rodeo cowboy husband Ty Murray welcomed a baby boy, Kase Townes Murray, into the world. And now, Jewel is making it very clear that she does not want Kase to follow in his father’s footsteps.

“We want him to find his passion. Whatever that is, we are fine with it,” Jewel says. “But I hope it isn’t bull-riding.”

And Ty feels the same way as his wife. “I don’t want him to ride,” he agrees. “It is the most dangerous job in the world. But if he’s crazy as I was about it, then what do you do? One of our biggest dreams for Kase is that he finds something he loves.”

How do you feel? Do you believe in controlling your child’s future?

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