Jill Zarin Wishes RHONY Was More Like Sex and the City


Well, the third season of The Real Housewives of New York City ended last night, and Jill Zarin, who was one of the women at the center of all of the fighting for the last few weeks, has had some time to reflect on all the craziness that went down this season. And mom that she is, she seems to be using her experiences at as a teachable moment for herself. So what did she learn?

“I would like the show to be more like Sex and the City, where the girls celebrate each other and have fun and share wonderful experiences, and unfortunately it didn’t go that way,” Zarin told E! Online.

Hmmm…well, I think this may be the problem. Sex and the City isn’t real. It’s a fantasy. In fact, it’s a deliberate, over-the-top fantasy. If the idea of female friendship that you emulate is fictional, no wonder she has a hard time playing nice with others.

But it isn’t Zarin I’m most worried about here. It’s her daughter.
The craziest part about this season’s shenanigans is that several of these women—Ramona Singer, Jill Zarin, the Countess (I simply cannot bring myself to refer to her as anything other than the Countess)—have teenage daughters, and Kelly Bensimon has two tweens. When I was a teenager, my mother spent half of her waking time telling me to cut down on the drama. Isn’t that message going to be a little bit diluted when you are embroiled in the midst of a public, bitter, catty feud, on television? Didn’t these women think about how they were appearing in front of their kids, and what kind of model they were setting?

And if you thought there was a chance all the RHONY nuttiness escaped them, just check out Ally Zarin on Twitter last night: @AllyZarin : #realhousewives – oh Shiz it’s goin down.