Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski Split, With Grace and Hint at Reconciliation


jillian and ed

Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski announced their split today, fast on the heels of the explosive Jake and Vienna interview. Yesterday I looked at the flaws in ABC’s The Bachelor premise: that the winners were expected to ride off into the digitally engineered sunset, marry, and make babies. I was careful not to mention Ed and Jillian as part of the charade. That’s because I was still pulling for these two, who’ve had troubles in the past (see below), but who I firmly believed would make adorable babies and be excellent parents.

“I love him and I’m really sad, but I have to look out for me,” Jillian tells Us magazine. Says Ed, “We’re both kind of resetting. Jillian isn’t happy and I’m definitely sad about the whole thing, but we got to work through some things on our own if we decide to move forward.”

That’s a mature way to go about the end of a relationship, and I’m thrilled to see that they’re both talking to the same publication, and not for cash. It’s a stark contrast to the Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi antics. What’s interesting is that Jillian and Ed have chosen to talk to Us

That’s the same publication that alleged, soon after Jillian’s Bachelorette finale aired, that Swiderski had girlfriends back home in Chicago while he was wooing Jillian on TV. The allegations were nasty (apparently he slept with one of those girlfriends after he won The Bachelorette but before that finale show aired). If the allegations weren’t true, I doubt he and Jillian would have trusted Us, and spoken directly to them, with news of their breakup.

Most importantly, I still have hope for these two. As quoted above, they have strong feelings for each other and have an eye toward “moving forward” together. At the very least, whether they reunite or remain split, I can assure you that they’ll handle it like adults. As Harris tweeted right after ABC ran the Jake and Vienna interview:

“Heartbroken for these two right now, not for the failure of the relationship, for the failure of restraint & the route it went down. Awww.”

I couldn’t agree more. It’s just one more reason that I’ve always had a thing for Jillian, and for  Jillian & Ed.

How about you — did you see this split coming? Think they’ll reconcile? 


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