Jillian Harris Loses Her Cheating Fiance -- and Engagement Ring


Adding insult to injury, former Bachelorette Jillian Harris has not only lost her dreams of procreating with Ed Swiderski, she has to forfeit the $60,000 engagement ring to ABC. And now rumors are surfacing that Swiderski probably wouldn’t have made the best family man anyway as he clearly has fidelity issues.

According to ABC’s stipulations, the couple must stay together for two consecutive years in order to keep the ring, although they need not marry within that time period.  So Harris can kiss the Neil Lane ring, a 2 carat pear-shaped center stone surrounded by six baguette-cut diamonds, goodbye. Hopefully instead of also kissing Ed goodbye, she gives him a “here’s your hat what’s your hurry” send-off instead. Because if reports are correct, that’s what he deserves.

“We think Ed was doing shady stuff during their relationship,” an inside source told “Jillian knew but couldn’t put her finger on it.” The source goes on to say he suspected Ed cheated on a trip to Los Angeles and, although Ed was “a player,” Jillian thought she could change him.

Not exactly a smoking gun, but keep in mind THIS was the guy with a girlfriend back home during The Bachelorette filming, not Wes Hayden who got painted as that season’s villain.  My guess? The other women come out of the woodwork soon to sell Ed out and claim their 15 minutes.

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