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Jillian Michaels Wanted To "Knock-Out" Ann Coulter For Her Adoption Comments

By Joanna |

Jillian Michaels

If there is one mama you don’t want to mess with, then that would be Jillian Michaels. There’s no doubt that woman can throw out a good right hook. Ann Coulter might want to watch her back.

The new celebrity mother and Biggest Loser trainer recently opened up to Ladies’ Home Journal in which she says she felt like “knocking out” conservative whatever-she-is Ann Coutler for her recent comments on adoption and how she lashed out at Jillian for raising two kids in a home without a man, I mean, er, father. Here’s what she told the mag:

“Ann Coulter.  I met [the conservative commenter] during the first segment I ever did on The Doctors.  She said I was a selfish narcissist for wanting to adopt as a single parent—that a child who grows up without a father is greatly disadvantaged.  I’m a brawler, so when she said that I was like…come here, I’ll knock you out.  I completely appreciate the importance of fathers but millions of children are without loving homes.  I think a child is lucky with one parent who truly loves her.”

Yikes! Tell us Babble readers, what’s your take on Ann Coulter’s comments?

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5 thoughts on “Jillian Michaels Wanted To "Knock-Out" Ann Coulter For Her Adoption Comments

  1. Shannon LC Cate says:

    Sorry, but my brain is too busy raising my fatherless children with brilliance and aplomb to make any room at all for Ann Coulter.

  2. culchiewoman says:

    I am a fan of neither woman. Jillian is, in fact, a narcissist. But then so is Ann Coulter. Sort of a pot-meet-kettle situation. And here’s the thing, Ann’s half right (jaysus, I never thought I’d actually type those words!) But she’s right for the wrong reasons. There is nothing wrong with raising a child as a single parent. Millions of us have done it, and the sky didn’t fall in nor did our children turn out to be serial killers. I was widowed at 33 with a 5- and 6-yr old, and managed to turn out pretty decent now-adult children. But on the flip side of that, when I was an 18-yr old Catholic high school senior, I became pregnant and was made to leave school, stuffed in a mother-baby home in Philadelphia, and forced to relinquish my daughter to adoption. Because society (even in 1978) felt I was not capable of being a single parent. The real kicker is I’m also an adopted adult, born in Ireland at a time when unwed motherhood was absolutely taboo, and despite that my mum was 27 when she had me (yet emotionally and sexually as mature as a 13-yr old today), again society deemed her ‘unfit’ as a mother. Both my daughter and I were very, very fortunate to have been raised by decent adoptive families — purely luck of the draw. And we are doubly blessed to have reunited — both my daughter with me, and me with my mother. Having lived adoption my entire life, here’s what I’ve learned from real-world experience: there are more than a few Jillian Michaels out there who adopt for all the wrong reasons. It has nothing to do with them being single. It has everything to do with adoption becoming about finding children for people (like Jillian) who desperately want them, rather than being about finding homes for children who desperately need them. Somewhere there’s a vulnerable, frightened woman who didn’t have her options fully explained to her, was weighted by poverty or societal stigma, or suffered from other factors that took her child from her so that a Jillian Michaels could have the latest celebrity acquisition without ruining her perfectly toned body. And that’s the real tragedy. We have really got to put a stop to this whole trend of celebrity adoptions. It’s wrong…it serves no “higher purpose”, and is not what adoption should be about. In the best of cases, it’s legal child trafficking — in the worst of cases, it’s illegal child trafficking. It destroys identity, culture, heritage and our sense of self. All but six U.S. states seal the original birth certificate of adopted people, leaving us with less rights than convicted felons. And when hapless adopters believe the notion that we are “blank slates” over which they can write their own desired “history,” it goes horribly, horribly wrong. Jillian — and anyone else for that matter — can support and nurture a child without severing the child’s ties to family, culture and identity. There are ways to mentor, provide legal guardianship or financial support without the irrevocable severing of ties created by permanent adoption. Adoption should *always* be a last resort and not a cure for infertility or a way around bearing one’s own children. Moreover, Jillian’s militant pride in her single parenthood comes at the expense of another woman’s traumatic loss (perhaps because she, too, was a single parent — double standard?) I hope she understands that, and that the loss is one which her children will also suffer. “Adoption loss is the only trauma in the world where the victims are expected by the whole of society to be grateful” — The Reverend Keith C. Griffith, MBE.

  3. Mara says:

    Many children become “fatherless” due to the adoption industry that bastardize them in order to sell them. Fathers are routinely left off of birth certificates. Adoption attornies routinely tell unwed, pregnant mothers to list the father as “unknown”. This process not only discriminates against the child’s father but against the child, as well.

    No child should be without his/her father unless he is dead or dangerous.

    In 1969, the State of California bastadized me to sell me for adoption. I’m almost 43 years old and still cannot find my father. On what planet is this humane? Where is my right to my biological history, ethnicity, culture? I lost all that in the process known as adoption. I think the more proper term is baby pimping.

  4. deetoo says:

    This story disregards that a baby was torn from a mother and caused trauma for two people. This story is so wrong on many counts!

  5. Diane says:

    what is wrong with you people? you have no idea why any child is put up for adoption. @mara- maybe your biological father is dead or was a dead-beat drug addict. you’re better off without him. jillian decided to adopt this child awhile ago and -what is the big deal for her to do so without a man in her life. i agree with what she said at the end of the story “I think a child is lucky with one parent who truly loves her.” spoken like a true mother.

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