Jillian Michaels Wants to Be A Mom: Get a Sneak Peak at Her Parenting Skills! (Video)


jillian michaelsJillian Michaels is quitting the hit NBC show The Biggest Loser to focus on starting a family.  The trainer has spent the past six years honing her skills to become a parent.  She knows how to discipline.  She knows how to lend a shoulder.  Jillian Michaels is ready to be one strict mama!

See Jillian Michaels show off her potential parenting skills….

Jillian Michaels is ready for motherhood, but we’re not so sure that motherhood is ready for Jillian Michaels!  She’s a master of discipline and has the ‘mom face’ down flat, but Jillian Michaels will need to clean up her language a bit when it comes to dealing with kids.   She may also want to take a refresher course in positive reinforcement (or spend a day with Bob Harper for a personal lesson) to help take a bit of the edge off of her strict regime.  If Jillian gets frustrated dealing with insolent adults, just wait until she has to reason with a stubborn two-year-old!!  Watch this video we dug up with some of the best of Jillian’s training tactics.

What do you think of Jillian Michaels’ parenting potential?  Is motherhood ready for Jillian Michaels?

Photo: PR Photos