Jim Carrey Announces Daughter's Wedding On Twitter.


jim-carrey-jane-carreyHe wasn’t tweeting from the ceremony, but Jim Carrey did use twitter to announce the marriage of his daughter Jane to musician Alex Santana after the fact.

On Wednesday, Carrey twittered, “my Jane is a married women. days ago her and my new son in law alex got hitched. the day was simply perfect… lots of love there.. :)}”

You know, if he wasn’t Jim Carrey, his use of improper capitalization and ridiculous emoticons would be mocked mercilessly.

But I digress.

Jane Carrey is not just a newlywed, but a young mom to be.  The 21-year old and her new husband are expecting their first child in March.

“I’m very excited,” Jim said when news broke about his daughter’s pregnancy. “Jane is going to be a great mom.”

As thrilled as he is for his daughter and her new family, Carrey maintains that he has no plans himself to marry longtime girlfriend Jenny McCarthy.