Jim Carrey Gives Jenny McCarthy $25 Million To Provide For Her Son Evan


This is how all break-ups should be conducted. It’s simply stated: Awesome.

Jim Carrey has given Jenny McCarthy, who he was not married to, $25 million as part of a “No-nup.” That’s $5 million per year and is part of an arrangement to insure her son Evan, who has autism, will be provided for.

That amount is going to keep him covered for awhile.

“Jenny came to the realization that Jim would never marry her just a few months after they started dating,” a source tells Star. “So she told him she needed an arrangement that would insure she wouldn’t have to worry about her future or the future of Evan, her now 7-year-old autistic son from a previous marriage.”

Jim agreed as long as Jenny never reveals any personal info about him.

Sounds like a good deal.

There have also been previous reports back in January of 2009 that Jim had set up a $50 million trust for Evan, but it’s not clear if this was true or if it is on top of the sum he just gave her.

Still, like I said before-Awesome. On a side note to all of my exes: Please take the cue and pony up the millions!