Jim Carrey is talking. Jenny McCarthy Isn't. What's it Mean?


It’s day 2 of the Jim Carrey-Jenny McCarthy Twitter-watch, and the scene has gotten even more interesting. As of 10 a.m. yesterday, Carrey has been tweeting up a storm. He’s right back in his former jolly, joking Twitter mode, issuing shout-outs to random followers and commenting on Tiger Woods. Meanwhile, McCarthy remains silent. What’s it all mean? Here’s one way to look at it…

Twitter is like the party of life (if only the cheese spread were bettter! And I think someone left with my coat). Pre-marriage, I went through more than my share of breakups (is there no justice in the world?). And I like to go to parties. So I know what it’s like that first time, post-breakup, when you run into your ex at a party. How do you behave? There are two options:

1. Act as if nothing is wrong. Yuk it up! Drink wine from the bottle, dance ’til the cops show up, win at charades, karaoke your heart out. You are FINE. Except that you’re not. But there’s no way you want your ex to see that.

2. Be solemn. Say hi to friends. Have a beer. Accept condolences. Leave while the band is still playing. Get a good night’s sleep. Once enough time has passed, your heart will mend.

Clearly, #1 is Jim. #2 is Jenny (Jim is no longer “following” her on Twitter — as of yesterday he’s only following his sister). Two separate ways of dealing with pain. Yesterday Jim tweeted:

“What do you get angriest about? Feelings of powerlessness are my number 1…”

If there’s one thing that’s obvious from Jim’s movies and his stand-up, it’s that his power is in being funny. And funny only really works when you have company. Jim needs his fans. And Twitter is, right now, where he feels them strongest.

What’s your take on the aftermath of the Carrey-McCarthy split?