Jim Carrey Snowboard Accident: Jim Carrey Died?

jim carrey snowboard accident
Jim Carrey Snowboard Accident False

Was there a Jim Carrey snowboard accident? Is it true that Jim Carrey died? The answer is no. Jim Carrey is very much alive, and the reports that he died in a snowboarding accident are 100% false.

I honestly cannot count how many celebs have supposedly died in snowboarding accidents in Switzerland in the past few months. From Owen Wilson, to Avril Lavigne, and now to Jim Carrey, it seems like anyone in Hollywood is fair game.

Whoever is behind these celebrity death rumors definitely has a sick sense of humor…and he/she obviously has no imagination. I mean, if you really wanted people to buy into false celeb death rumors, wouldn’t you change up the method of demise from snowboarding to something else once in a while?

Photo: PRPhotos

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