Jimmy Buffett Falls Off Stage: Will Jimmy Stop Doing Concerts?

jimmy buffett falls off stage
Jimmy Buffett Falls Off Stage: Will He Still Do Concerts?

By now you’ve surely seen the following headline on many entertainment news websites, “Jimmy Buffett Falls Off Stage!”

Jimmy Buffett fell off the stage at one of his concerts in Australia, leaving his loyal Parrothead fans incredibly worried about his condition. A recent update stated that Jimmy Buffett is doing well and is stable after his accident.

Jimmy Buffett concerts are something that you really can’t explain unless you’ve experienced one. Each one is different from the last, and even if you aren’t into his music, it’s worth going just to people watch! Will Jimmy Buffett stop doing concerts after the incident in Australia?

I’ve been to at least 10 of his shows in the past, and I cannot imagine never attending a Jimmy Buffett concert again. And judging from the way Jimmy Buffett lives his life to the fullest, I’d say that odds are good that this is nothing more than a blip on the radar. My gut says he’ll be back on stage singing Margaritaville in no time!