Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Do Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke = AWESOME (Video)


Blurred LinesAdmit, you’ve seen it, the “unrated” version of Robin Thicke’s summertime hit “Blurred Lines.” According to YouTube, so far 5,427,972 have watched the crooner, T.I. and Pharrell frolic with gorgeous naked ladies in the NSFW (not safe for work) version of the ditty.  But you all don’t have your minds in the gutter since 118,902,884 have watched the far less risque – but still totally racy – version.

And now we have an even safer, and some argue even BETTER version of “Blurred Lines!” Jimmy Fallon and the Roots, alongside Robin Thicke, did a version of the song using just kiddie instruments. SO awesome! Check it out below. Yes, you are welcome:

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