Jimmy Fallon Charlie Sheen - The Perfect Recast for Two and a Half Men! (Video)

jimmy fallon charlie sheen
Jimmy Fallon Does Charlie Sheen

For those of you who think that nobody can replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, Jimmy Fallon is ready to prove you wrong!  The talk show host unofficially threw his hat into the ring as the perfect Charlie recast during last night’s episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  Jimmy was a better Charlie Sheen than the real Charlie Sheen! 

Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Charlie Sheen skit below…..

Jimmy Fallon did a spot on impersonation of the crazy side of Charlie Sheen.  He was all down with all of Charlie’s recent ramblings from being a bitchin rockstar through his Adonis DNA all the way up to his life with his in-home goddesses.   He even through in his own references to Jeopary’s Watson computer, his real name Carlos Estevez, and his chain cigarette smoking.  The result was the best Charlie Sheen ride of the week.   Jimmy Fallon couldn’t have delivered a better audition tape to CBS for his potential as a Charlie Sheen recast for Two and a Half Men while Charlie lives the Sheen dream!

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