JLo Doesn't Know If She Could Handle Being A Single Mom


jennifer-lopez-emmeShe’s not a single parent, but she plays on in a movie… and after taking on the role of an artificially inseminated single woman in The Back-Up Plan,  Jennifer Lopez isn’t sure if she could do what single mothers do every day.

Apparently, since having her twins Max and Emme, JLo has realized how much work parenting is — especially when you have twins.

Here’s what JLo said about raising kids all by her lonesome, like her character in Back-Up Plan:

“I just don’t know if I could do this, honestly. Now I know how much I rely on my partner.

I think it takes such an amazing person to do that… You get to a point in your life and you think about it, and I think it’s a beautiful thing to be able to find the strength to do that on your own.

That child will enrich your life. It’s a beautiful thing to think that option is there.”

Luckily for JLo, she does have husband Marc Anthony to share the parenting duties. That allowed her to dive back into her career. Says Lopez:
“I’d had the babies, so I was waiting for the right thing and I knew I wanted to do a romantic comedy.

I felt like when I read the script, it was at the right place for me. It [The Back-Up Plan] was the kind of romantic comedy that didn’t feel typical, and the script was so funny.”