Joan Rivers : Lindsay Lohan's Parents Shouldn't Be On TV Discussing Her Problems


Joan Rivers is one acerbic tongued mama and she’s got plenty to say about the recent news involving Lindsay Lohan. She feels sorry for her!

Joan has come out against Lindsay’s parents, scolding them for their behavior in a way that someone should have done long before. “If I were Lindsay’s parents, I wouldn’t be on television discussing it, I wouldn’t be going on to Joan Rivers for doing a stupid joke on her blog, I would be taking her to rehab and a rehab where you don’t get your nails done,” she said.

Joan recently made a few jokes on her Twitter about Lindsay, calling her “dumb” and a “party skank.” It sounds harsh but Joan is a comedienne who has made a long and legendary career out of saying inappropriate things. Many lashed back at her, including Lindsay’s ex girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

When you pick a fight with Joan, she’s going to fight back. “I think this ex-girlfriend, this DJ — I thought it was a skinny boy when I first saw the picture — came out doing jokes about me and Melissa. Why not worry about Lindsay Lohan? That girl is going to be dead in 10 years if somebody doesn’t take care of her. I suggest that this skanky little girl not worry about the jokes; worry about Lindsay. I find this insane that they are all feeding off of Lindsay. Maybe somebody should take care of Lindsay.”

The 77 year old is ready to step in where others have failed and is supporting Lindsay  by offering to pay for her rehab. “Lindsay, I am pleading with you… you’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re talented. Go to rehab, you’re young! Melissa and I will pay for your rehab!” she said.


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