Joan Rivers Rips On Brooke Shields And Kate Gosselin (Video)


joan-rivers-tv-promoAs usual, Joan Rivers was full of sassy one-liners for the paparazzos following her around yesterday. The off-color comedienne not only went off on hot mom Brooke Shields, but they paps even got her to comment on Kate Gosselin’s uterus. Hehe.

Joan was apparently not impressed by Brooke’s teary eyed speech at Michael Jackson’s memorial ceremony. Instead, Joan implies that Brooke exploited the opportunity to get some media attention. Classy.

From PopCrunch:

“She was Michael Jackson’s dearest friend,” the attention-lovin’ Joan told paparazzos outside CBS Studios in New York City on Tuesday. “….She hadn’t seen him since 1993.”

“Oh darling, grow up! It’s called ‘face time,'” she added, with a roll of the eye.

When asked about Kate Gosselin, Joan Rivers was ready with this zinger:

“her uterus isn’t a uterus, it’s a condo.”

No one rips other celebrities a new one like Joan Rivers. What a character.