Joan Rivers Suri Cruise Halloween Costume on E! Fashion Police (Photo)

Joan Rivers Suri Cruise Halloween costume
Joan Rivers dresses in a Suri Cruise costume for Halloween

Oh my. Check out Joan Rivers’ Halloween costume in this photo – she’s dressed up as Suri Cruise for the E! Fashion Police Halloween show.

And, not to be outdone, Kelly Osbourne channels celeb mom Jennifer Lopez, George Kotsiopoulos is Marc Anthony and Giuliana Rancic is the always posh mummy Victoria Beckham.

It seems only fitting that the Fashion Police gang dress as celebs for Halloween – after all, they make their living ripping on their fashion hits and misses – but what do you think of Joan Rivers’ take on Suri Cruise?

Too cruel to make fun of a little girl?

Joan Rivers is dressed as little girl Suri, flanked by cutouts of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. As if that’s not wacky enough, she’s holding a sign that says “Help me.”

No doubt, Joan will have plenty of ridiculous things to say dressed as Suri, as her signature snark is more offending than in good taste.