Joan Rivers Verbally Assaults A 2 Year Old


joan-rivers-crazyIn case you didn’t know, Joan Rivers does not want to humor your two-year-old. Joan reportedly gave Brad Tolar and his son a tongue-lashing at the Houston’s Intercontinental Hotel last week, when the man allowed his toddler play peek-a-boo with the waitress taking Joan’s breakfast order.

From PopCrunch:

The waitress thought he was adorable and was playing peek-a-boo with him,” Tolar explains in the Aug. 31 issue of Star Magazine.

Joan wasn’t amused, and at one point, “She turned around and screamed at them!”


This is one of those rare opportunities where we get to explore what happens when the line between celebrity and parenting break down: What do you do when a celebrity yells at your baby?

Your first reaction has to be, ‘this situation is obviously my fault.’  Then, while you sit there and eat your eggs and start thinking about it, and then it starts to fester. What a weird spot to be in. What would you do?

At this point, it seems appropriate to mention that Joan Rivers published a book on parenting called Having a Baby Can Be a Scream… I’ve never read it, so maybe there’s a chapter in there about why its OK to yell at other people’s toddlers for doing something completely harmless during your breakfast at a swanky hotel. I just don’t know.