Joe Giudice Could Be Going To Jail: What This Means For Teresa And The Girls

Time for Joe to shape up, or ship out!

Uh-oh. It looks like the drama is never going to end for the Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice!

Tre’s husband, Joe Giudice has managed to land himself in hot water once again for driving around Jersey on a fraudulent driver’s license.

According to reports, Juicy Joe was indicted for fraudulently using his brother Pietro’s identification to get a New Jersey driver’s license after his own was suspended because of a DUI arrest from January 2010.

The father-of-four was indicated on one count of wrongfully using identifying information which could see him land behind bars for a good 10 years. He was also indicted on one count of impersonation, which carries a maximum 18-month prison sentence.

Meanwhile, Teresa has been working her behind off trying to repay the family’s debts by juggling various job, reality television shows and promoting her cookbook while her hubby can’t seem to let go of his old ways.

Sorry Tre, but someone’s gotta tell you this straight: time to ditch the zero and go look for a hero! If he doesn’t shape up, time for him to ship out. The girls obviously don’t need to see this type of drama plus have their father sit behind bars while they are growing up.


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