Joe Jackson: Michael's Mother Is Responsible For His Death


Joe Jackson pretty much terrorized Michael while he was alive, so why stop stirring the pot now that he has passed away? The King of Pop’s father is now blaming his wife Katherine for their son’s unexpected demise.

Joe, according to Joe, begged Katherine to place Michael in rehab for his prescription pill habit, but she never did. As to why, Joe believes that she did not want to invade his privacy, but there is also the fact that Michael was a 50 year old man which would make it hard to get him into a facility.

“I said, ‘If you had listened to me Michael would be living now!’ I kept thinking about the times I had stood in front of her saying something was wrong,” Joe told the UK’s News of the World. “Katherine didn’t say a word — I had to get away from her. If she’d done what I asked, Michael would be here today. I am incensed with her. She could have made a difference.”

By that logic, anyone in Michael’s life (cough, especially his doctor, cough) should have been trying to get him help. But no says Joe, it had to be mom.

“Mothers are always the [person] their sons look up to. I wanted her to step in and look at Mike a bit, keep him cheered up. She didn’t want to do that because she was afraid that she was invading his privacy.”

This is sad and considering Joe’s history of just being an a-hole for whatever reason-attention, mental problems, money-I would wage it’s not true. Or at least, I really hope this is not true. Michael’s death was a tragedy, an accidental tragedy that many could have probably prevented.

Katherine’s attorney released this statement to TMZ: “The world knows that Mrs. Jackson has always been a loving mother and grandmother, and that she and Michael had a very special relationship.”