Joe Simpson and Future Son In Law Eric Johnson Go On A Bike Ride in Hawaii! (Photos)

Joe Simpson and son in law Eric Johnson

Joe Simpson and son in law Eric Johnson go for an afternoon bike ride with some friends in Hawaii!

This past week Jessica Simpson, Ashlee, Bronx and Tina Simpson have been enjoying the beach in Hawaii but who knew that Joe was there?

Isn’t that kind of strange to go on a family vacation and deal with a divorce?

I can’t imagine doing that, but maybe their family is different! I give them lots of credit for trying!!


Check out the photos below!

  • Joe Simpson and Eric Johnson, 1 of 10
    Joe Simpson and Eric Johnson,
    Eric and Joe seem to be having a nice bike ride!
  • Joe! 2 of 10
    So, Eric... When you going to get married?
  • Eric! 3 of 10
    Joe, I dont' want to talk about that right now!
  • Warm! 4 of 10
    Hmmm.... maybe I need to un-button my shirt I am warm!
  • Shirt! 5 of 10
    Eric you really need to fix those buttons!!
  • Thinking! 6 of 10
    Joe has some heavy thinking he is doing..
  • Grandkids! 7 of 10
    Maybe he is thinking he will be having another grandson to play with Bronx?
  • Which Way? 8 of 10
    Which Way?
    To the left is the beach, to the right is the beach! Wich way?
  • This Way! 9 of 10
    This Way!
    Follow me!
  • Just ! 10 of 10
    Just !
    Smile!!! It makes everything better!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )

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