Joe Simpson Bothers Mama Gorilla While Jessica Films Show


joe_simpson1Joe Simpson sure likes to monkey around. He recently had a close call with a mother gorilla while in Uganda.

He went trekking with the apes while his daughter Jessica filmed her new VH1 show The Price of Beauty.

“Uganda was my favorite. After our trip was over I spent some time with the gorillas,” Simpson said. “I flew into Uganda, drove for two and a half hours, hiked for seven hours and traversed down 3000 feet to sit with the mountain gorillas for about an hour.”

Then things got hairy!

“There was a mother gorilla and I tried to pull a branch down so I could take a picture and she was like ‘Gahhhhh.’ And you can’t run because they’ll attack you.”

Joe added that for the holidays, he and the family will all be in NYC because Ashlee is performing in Chicago until February.

“We’re all going to be here for the holiday to be with Ashlee,” Joe Simpson said. “We love New York during the holidays.” Ashlee added, “It is Bronx’s first real Christmas so we are just excited to spend it with him.”

Ohhhh that wacky Joe!