Joe Simpson Tried To Hide Ashlee's Divorce


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Joe Simpson Tried To Keep Ashlee's Divorce A Secret.

Joe Simpson has been known to meddle in his daughters Jessica and Ashlee’s relationships, but even this is very conniving.

According to reports, Joe tried to bury the news of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s divorce by releasing the information on the same day that Lindsay Lohan was going to court!

A source says, “He decided Ashlee’s divorce filing should happen on the same day as Lindsay going to court to bury the news. But it backfired because Lindsay going to court is, these days, as much a surprise as the sun rising in the morning.”

Nice try, but it didn’t work out. Ashlee’s divorce is still at the top of the gossip blogs. And people are still wondering what really happened. Try harder next time, Joe!