Joel Madden Can't Say No To Harlow


joel-madden-nicole-richie-harlowJoel was overheard at a Hollywood party this weekend admitting to friends that having a daughter has turned him into a big ol’ softy. Is he hoping that their second is a boy?

From the NYP:

“I love to spoil [daughter] Harlow.” The eavesdropper told us, “Joel said she’s a daddy’s girl and was talking about how exciting it is for Nicole to have [their second] baby in a few weeks.”

It’s the downfall of many fathers, no matter how machismo their background. Even if they’re a rock star who’s now hosting the WWE Summer Slam.

We’ve all seen pictures of Harlow, so we know how hard it would be to not spoil her rotten. Hopefully, Joel will pull it together and make sure he doesn’t literally turn his baby into a messed-up celebrity kids with an ugly entitlement philosophy.

Joel and Nicole have opted to go into the delivery room without knowing the sex of their second baby. I guess the idea is to not have any preconceived ideas about how your baby is supposed to be. Still, I wonder if they have preferences that they’re just not sharing?