Joel Madden Sings Nicole Ritchie's Praises


And now, for a break from celebrity fathers trashing the mother of their children in public: (Jon Gosselin, I’m looking at you here.) Joel Madden gushes to Showbiz Spy about how great he has it with his partner in parenthood, Nicole Ritchie, crediting her with helping him be “the best version of myself I’ve ever been.”

He also goes on to say that his two kids, Harlow, 2, and Sparrow, 6 months are his “entire world”, even if the responsibilities of being a good parent and partner are pretty intense at times.

“I think you can decide to be the best dad and partner you can be,” Madden says. “It’s a heavy thing when your life changes. But my kids make me feel good about myself”.

Wow. I am super-impressed with how much Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden have matured these past few years. For a fairly young dad, he sounds really grounded. Good for him!


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