Joel Madden Won't Sue Over Tattoo Incident



At a launch party for OP’s “back to school” line last night, Joel Madden revealed that he won’t be sicking his legal team on British Airways for making him cover his tattoos before letting him board one of their jets.

If you’ll remember, a British Airways representative told Madden that he’d have to cover up his tats (which extend all the way down his arms), or he wouldn’t be allowed to board his flight and go home to see his pregnant wife and daughter.

“I wasn’t really mad about it,” he told Daily 10’s Catt Sadler. “But after the fact, I go, That was really wrong, actually.”

The anti-tattoo employee was supposedly acting on their own volition, and not according to company policy — in case you were wondering if your tattoos could cause you to miss your flight home to see your family.

Joel also gabbed a little about Michel Jackson, saying this:

“It was a heavy day,” Madden told Sadler, adding that he was especially touched by Jackson’s three children. “You never wanna think about your kids ever having to go through that.”