Joey Lawrence, Melissa Joan Hart Star in "Melissa & Joey" (Video)


Joey Lawrence, Melissa Joan Hart in Melissa & JoeyJoey Lawrence has shed his moppish hair and “Whoa!” of Blossom days gone by and Melissa Joan Hart is no longer a teenage witch. Look for Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart to star in ABC Family’s new comedy, Melissa & Joey.

On Melissa & Joey, Joe (Joey Lawrence) plays manny to Mel’s (Melissa Joan Hart) niece and nephew since he needs a job, and she has political aspirations that make it hard for her to handle parenting duties. By the way, she has to care for her niece and nephew because their parents are in jail.

Watch the promo for Melissa & Joey for a taste at the chemistry of these two 90s stars who, remarkably, turned out pretty normal and avoided those temptations that so many child stars fall into.

Look for Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart on Melissa & Joey, premiering August 17 at 8 p.m.

By the way, in real life, Joey Lawrence is dad to two daughters and Melissa Joan Hart has two sons.

Will you watch Melissa & Joey? Are you a bigger Joey Lawrence fan? Or have you been following Melissa Joan Hart’s career since Clarissa Explains It All?