Joey Lawrence Worried For Baby During Wife's Complicated Pregnancy


Whoa! Joey Lawrence, legendary for his amazing use of a one-word catchphrase on Blossom, is a daddy.

His wife Chandie Yawn-Nelson gave birth to baby girl Liberty (Libby) Grace on March 4 and had major complications. Six months after conceiving, Chandie was diagnosed with Rh disease, a blood disorder that has the potential to harm developing baby’s red blood cells.

Red blood cells store iron and distribute oxygen to the body, so this is very scary and could cause major damage. They visited a specialist every 24 hours during the last two or three weeks of the pregnancy.

 “We were so worried. We wanted to get Libby out so bad,” Joey tells Life & Style.

One month before her due date, doctors recommended delivery and Libby made it out just fine. Joey only got to hold her “for a second,” before she was placed into a tube in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). She stayed there for five days and was, thankfully, okay.

Joey and Chandie also have daughter Charli, 3. “Our family of four is perfect,” he says.

Aren’t happy endings the best?


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