NKOTB Joey Is All Ready For His NKOTB


nkotb-barrett-joeyIt seems like everyone is, or is about to give birth this month. Just in the last 24 hours we had Kendra Wilkinson and Michelle Duggar give birth. Kourtney Kardashian is just waiting to give birth.

Joey McIntyre and his wife Barrett are set to give birth in the next couple of weeks too.

They are all ready to go and even have a name all picked out. Don’t try to get it out of them though, because they aren’t telling.

“My sisters are mad at me. Some people go ‘yeah, her name’s gonna be blah-blah-blah.’ I think people are afraid of the reaction, good or bad. If you say a name, you’re very sensitive about the name, so you don’t want people to have that reaction and go [disparagingly] ‘mmmm’ whereas once the baby’s born, people are a little more inviting of that name.”

I totally agree. Sometimes it’s better to just say here’s so and so and say too bad-so sad to everyone else and their opinions.