John Edwards Buys Rielle A $1M House In His Neighborhood


rielle-hunter-daughter-220x300Looks like John Edwards is moving forward with plans to buy a $1 million dollar house for his baby daughter and her mama just down the street from his house in Wilmington, NC. Surprisingly, his estranged wife Elizabeth seems to have given the plan her blessing. Huh?

Now that the DNA test proved that he’s the daddy, John apparently wants to play an active role in his daughter Frances’ life and own up to his responsibilities. So, it’s definitely the responsible thing for him to do. Props to him for finally owning his mistakes.

Still, does it have to be a million dollar house? And, how close does it really need to be to the $2.6M house John’s family lives in.

The thing that puzzles me is: Why would Elizabeth give her approval? She’s been slamming Rielle from day one, and even a few months ago it seemed as though she’d never allow something like this to happen.

Maybe Elizabeth doesn’t care because she’s still planning to clean John out in the divorce. What if, by some strange turn of events, Elizabeth ended up becoming Rielle’s landlord. That’d make a pretty good premise for a reality show, right?