John Edwards Engaged? John Edwards Says No!

john edwards engaged
John Edwards Engaged? He Says "No"

Is John Edwards engaged? Did he really pop the question to mistress Rielle Hunter just one month after the passing of his estranged wife, Elizabeth Edwards?

The National Enquirer reported that John Edwards is engaged, but he is denying the rumor. A spokesperson for Edwards said, “I can tell you that it’s not true. I have no idea where it’s coming from. I wouldn’t begin to speculate about the Enquirer‘s sources.

It came out earlier this week that John Edwards had been left out of Elizabeth Edwards’ will, and that she left everything to her kids. If John is engaged, is it because he wanted revenge on his late wife?

John Edwards hasn’t exactly been the most truthful man in the past. Is he lying again?

Do you think that John Edwards and Rielle Hunter are engaged?