John Edwards Indicted: What Will This Mean for His Kids?


 John Edwards IndictedJohn Edwards has been indicted for conspiracy and campaign finance violations. The charges stem from the scandal from his affair with Rielle Hunter and the child he tried to cover up.  The love child scandal ended John Edwards political career after the National Enquirer exposed the affair and cover-up in 2008.  What will this mean for his children, who lost their mother Elizabeth Edwards last winter?

John and Elizabeth Edwards shared four children, ranging in age from 28 to 10: Cate, Emma Claire and Jack survived their mother Elizabeth. The Edwards eldest child, Wade, was killed in a 1996 car accident when he was 16. Their daughter, Emma Claire, was born during the 1998 Senate race when Elizabeth was 48. Their son, Jack, was born in 2000 when she was 50. Emma Claire and Jack Edwards are still very young to have gone through so much and if their father goes to prison, this will be another blow to children who have been through way too much already!

The indictment is based on the $925,000 he spent to keep his mistress and their baby in hiding to protect Edwards’ White House ambitions. The case of USA v. Johnny Reid Edwards contains six counts, including conspiracy, four counts of illegal campaign contributions and one count of false statements.

According to Huffington Post: “A centerpiece of Edwards’ candidacy was his public image as a devoted family man.Edwards knew that public revelation of the affair and the pregnancy would destroy his candidacy by, among other things, undermining Edwards’ presentation of himself as a family man and by forcing his campaign to divert personnel and resources away from other campaign activities to respond to criticism and media scrutiny regarding the affair and pregnancy.”

John Edwards probably deserves to go to prison for his actions but for the sake of his kids, I think he should get another form of punishment.  What do you think?

Photo: Pacific Coast News