John Lennon's Son Julian Does Not Want To Parent Like His Dad

julian lennon, john lennon
Julian Lennon speaks about his father, John Lennon.

It looks as thought The Beatles had more influence on the world than we thought, more so John Lennon had quite the impact on his son Julian when it comes to parenting or lack thereof.

John’s parenting techniques have influenced Julian into not wanting children of his own. Julian was 5-years-old when his dad split from mom Cynthia, and he rarely saw his father after that.

“He was young and didn’t know what the hell he was doing. That’s the reason I haven’t had children yet,” Julian said in a recent interview. “I didn’t want to do the same thing. No, I’m not ready. I want to know who I am first.”

And Julian certainly didn’t feel loved by his dad. “Mum was more about love than dad. He sang about it, he spoke about, but he never really gave it, at least not to me as his son,” he said.

How do you feel about John’s parenting with Julian?

[Photo via PR Photos.]