John Lennon's Sons Abandon Their Argument


Sean LennonJohn Lennon’s sons Julian and Sean have had quite a rocky relationship, especially after their celebrity dad’s tragic death in 1980. Apparently the ill feelings between the two sparked, ignited, and intensified after Julian and his mother fought with Sean and Yoko Ono over part of Lennon’s enormous estate.

 Luckily it seems that the thirty-year-old cold front that has lingered between the two half-brothers has finally dispersed. After performing together for a United Nations concert last year, and supporting each other in other personal endeavors, Julian recently revealed that things between him and both Sean and Joko Ono seem to be better. “Things are good between us.” Julian states. “Whenever I’m in New York we all get together. Sean even asked me to shoot his album cover – for free, of course.”

We’re glad that the two have made amends, because who can really fight for thirty years? It sounds exhausting, if you ask me! How would you deal with a pair of battling brothers?

Photos: PR Photo